Harem Token has had an enormously successful fundraiser with a total of over $250,000 raised to fund further tech development. This article is intended to provide our community with a list of our goals for Q1 2021, so you can best understand where that money is being spent and what it is being spent on.

On a broad level, Q1’s focus is tech development and will likely be a quiet quarter in terms of user acquisition and promotion. While we do plan to continue promoting our NFT sales, which has gone successfully enough that we have been on Rarible’s top ten sellers list several times over just the last few weeks, we will not be doing our big marketing push for the token or for our video creation products until said products are ready for a large inflow of users. The below lists are Our Main Goals (high priority items that are the main focus of Q1) and Our Side Goals (“nice to have” items that are not the main focus of Q1, but which we will endeavor to finish in Q1 if time/bandwidth constraints allow for it). …


Harem Token

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