Deepfakes are videos in which the face of a person in an existing image or video is replaced with another person’s face. The end result is a video of a person doing something that they did not do. This has already been widely adopted in the adult entertainment industry with…

(This was removed from Google Docs so we are uploading it here so it can be shared)


Harem has built an AI that creates fictional people from nothing, who can be Deepfaked into videos of your choice. Holding $HAREM or $bHAREM in your wallet gives you a discount when…

Harem Token allows performers to “stake their face”, letting a person make their image available as an avatar to all its users for the purposes of being deepfaked primarily into pornographic videos. By staking my face within the Harem platform, I am in essence giving a potentially infinite user base…

This article is designed to provide you with a simple and easy checklist you can run through to make sure the video you’ve selected will work well with our system. …

Hey all,

With our Deepfake closed beta around the corner I wanted to take a moment to drop some samples for you guys, as well as some updates. This article’s goal is to accomplish four things:

  1. Output Demos: Demonstrate what the output of the deepfake API is going to look like for…

Harem Token’s goal is a full start-to-finish customizable generative media supply chain, which to the average person sounds like a garbled load of mumbo jumbo nonsense. Accordingly, I’ve decided to write this article that lays out in simple layman’s terms what users and performers can do with Harem.



On Ethereum mainnet with $HAREM:

  1. Click Here
  2. Select how much Harem and ETH you want to stake.
  3. Approve $HAREM or $ETH if need be.
  4. Click Supply.
  5. Approve the transaction on metamask.
  6. There is no 6 that’s it.

On Binance Smart Chain with $bHAREM:

  2. Click trade, then liquidity.
  3. Click add liquidity.
  4. Select coin 1 as $BNB.
  5. Select coin 2 as $bHAREM (0xE62EBb28028F80F7471144F12A6666E1915b1e11).
  6. Click ‘approve bHAREM’ (you may also have to do this with BNB).
  7. Approve the transaction on metamask
  8. Click ‘supply’
  9. Approve the transaction on metamask
  10. There is no 10 that’s it.

  1. Go to
  2. Click trade → exchange
  3. In the top window select whatever token you wish to exchange for $bHAREM
  4. In the bottom window click “select a currency” and paste 0xE62EBb28028F80F7471144F12A6666E1915b1e11 into the box.
  5. You should see bHAREM come up. Click ‘Add’.
  6. At this point when you look at the exchange screen it should look like pic below.

7. Select however much of your token on the top you want to exchange for $bHAREM.

8. Give pancakeswap the approvals it needs to be authorized to exchange the tokens.

9. Swap your coins, welcome to Harem!

I have some great news for all you Haremites.

We are proud to announce the launch of $bHAREM and our Pancakeswap liquidity pool! Now all of you who want to experience the highs of Harem Token’s technology without the lows of Ethereum’s gas fees can do so. …

Harem Token is dedicated to custom training machine learning algorithms to generate adult entertainment content. In layman’s terms, we train AIs to make porn.

Our flagship product is and always has been our Deepfake API, a “first of its kind” for generative media. The launch of this product in conjunction with our NFT staking platform and studio represents a significant milestone towards the future of infinitely customizable generative media. …

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