Ahegao DAO ($AAH) and Harem Token ($HAREM) Waifu2Laifu Research and Development Project Announcement

Ahegao DAO is a distributed autonomous organization built around erotic anime (hentai) culture. Harem Token is a machine learning enterprise dedicated to custom training artificial intelligence networks to create and animate people who do not exist, for the purpose of creating adult entertainment content.

Ahegao and Harem are pleased to announce plans to combine efforts to provide additional value and utility to both their platforms and tokens. Under the partnership, Harem will train its facial animation and deepfake algorithms to work with the anime girls created by Ahegao’s artists.

Upon successfully having trained its avatar animation technology to work with avatars generated in the preferred style of Ahegao’s artists, Harem and Ahegao will launch an NFT swap. 5 randomly selected Harem NFTs will be made available through the Ahegao farm, and 5 hand drawn Ahegao NFT avatars will be made available through Harem’s NFT farms, so that holders of either tokens will be able to benefit directly from this collaboration. Both swapped series of NFTs will their minted copies split equally between the two farms (so for example if an NFT has 10 minted copies, 5 will be on the $AAH farm and 5 on the $HAREM farm).

All swapped NFTs will be pretested to assure they work properly with all of Harem Token’s avatar animation/deepfake technologies. This means the owners of the 5 approved Ahegao NFTs will be able to stake their NFT through Harem’s platform, earning $ETH paid out to them quarterly as the avatar represented in their NFT is used for animation purposes through the Harem studio. The winners of Harem’s NFT naming contests will decide whether or not their NFT will be swapped into Ahegao or not, if no swaps are decided this way the selection will be decided randomly by the Harem Token team.

“Currently our animation only works with ‘photorealistic’ humans and human like drawings, you can see demos of this on our website using the Mona Lisa and a random drawing we found online. However, there’s a lot of demand from our users and the crypto community in general to expand outwards to more traditional ‘anime’ style drawings. This requires specially trained algorithms because anime characters have different facial proportions (larger eyes, smaller noses/mouths) than actual humans. We’re excited to partner with Ahegao, who can provide us with the data sources and avatars that we need to expand our offerings into the anime/hentai space.” — Harem Token

“One of the key goals for Ahegao DAO is not only to please our community with the hottest Anime NFTs but to also add utility. This partnership with Harem allows our community to gain access to Harem’s beautiful ladies as well as provides Ahegao DAO NFTs with utility on the Harem platform!“ — Ahegao DAO

Live shot of the partnership agreement being signed in Munich. — Reuters