$bHAREM Token comes to Binance Smart Chain with performer seeded liquidity pool!

I have some great news for all you Haremites.

We are proud to announce the launch of $bHAREM and our Pancakeswap liquidity pool! Now all of you who want to experience the highs of Harem Token’s technology without the lows of Ethereum’s gas fees can do so. The $bHAREM addy is 0xE62EBb28028F80F7471144F12A6666E1915b1e11 and the liquidity pool contract addy is 0x6b15da6d6472be978b8dbb4975b5f8d85968b89e .

In addition to that this pool is special in that its seed funding was provided by none other than our own in-house Digital Vampiress and Harem member Amber Sparkx! We love the idea of being performer owned and supported, and accordingly are going to be offering a special discount available in our upcoming liquidity bootstrap offering to anyone who stakes their face through the Harem Token platform before providing liquidity. We’ll have an announcement on that dropping later this week along with some new Gen 2 girl NFTs for our Binance farm on Unifty. Stay tuned, stay posted, and stay frosty.

Live shot of the initial liquidity being provided after tense eighteen hour negotiations in Pyongyang.