Deepfake Beta Video Selection Checklist

This article is designed to provide you with a simple and easy checklist you can run through to make sure the video you’ve selected will work well with our system. The IRL people faces will work better than the AI generated faces, but either way you should be answering ‘yes’ to all these questions if you want the best performance.

  1. Is the ‘mask area’ of the person’s face un-occluded throughout the entire video?

- Occluded means partially or totally blocked from view.
- The mask area of the face refers to the section of the face below.

The mask area of the face.

So for example if a person was wearing glasses, or had their hand in front of their face, or had long bangs or hair that blocked this area of the face, that will create errors.

2. Is the video decently high resolution (360x360 pixels or higher)?

This probably won’t work.

3. Is the person you want to deepfake, throughout the entire video, facing roughly in the direction of the camera (within a 45 degree angle)?

Our system was designed to work for POV and ‘doggystyle facing camera’ type videos.

4. Is the person in the video approximately the same age, sex, and skintone as the person you are deepfaking into the video?

While you can use any face, trying to put the face of a 20yo female onto a 60yo man is not going to go as well as it does putting that same face onto another 20yo female.