$HAREM Brings Its NFT Farming Live Through UNIFTY Partnership

$HAREM Token, who develop machine learning technologies to automate the creation and distribution of adult entertainment content, is proud to announce the successful test farming of its first Non-Fungible Token staking reward.

A “Common” rarity Harem girl, “Janni Tor”, was the first NFT successfully farmed using Harem Token Uniswap LPs off the Unifty farm.

Each $HAREM holder can stake their $HAREM and $ETH in the official Uniswap Pool, stake the resulting LPs on the official Unifty $HAREM Farm, and earn points every day which help them buy NFT girls of increasing rarity and beauty. These NFTs rewards can in turn be staked through the Harem web platform in order to make the model they contain available for Harem’s users, and provide NFT owner with a portion of profits for every video created with their model.

Unifty’s platform offers among other things white labelled NFT farming services for up and coming token platforms. Unifty’s unique technologies allow for Harem NFTs to be easily farmed through a simple point-and-click system, and provides its users the ability to upgrade their NFTs at a later date, a highly useful capability as Harem intends to provide additional utility to its users through later updates to its NFT rewards.

Harem Token’s general sale ends on January 5th 2021, at which point its Uniswap listing will be available for open entry and its users will be able to begin earning the LPs necessary to join the Unifty farm.