How Harem’s NFT Rewards Solved the “Right Click + Save” Problem

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are tokens (typically ERC-721s or ERC-1155’s) which, as their name suggests, are not fungible. So far, Non-Fungible Token use has largely been applied to the creation and distribution of works of art. This use case was a natural fit as an NFT can be provably traced back to its creator using the blockchain, and so the issue of forgeries or copycats that typically plagues the art world can be in a sense done away with. However, there is still one issue that faces art creators in the NFT world; Right click saving.

The issue can be summarized as this, anyone who likes one of your NFT art creations can simply save it as an image or a screenshot and enjoy the art to exactly an equal degree as one of your buyers. True, their saved image may not have the same resale value as a legitimately purchased NFT for the same reason a print of the Mona Lisa will not sell for multiple millions even if it is a perfect recreation, but it does put a damper on an artist’s ability to sell their work. Why would a buyer bother shelling out $100+ of ETH when they could just save the picture to their computer in two clicks?

One way that artists have worked to combat this is by creating multimedia NFTs. In other words, NFTs that do not only include visual works of art but also accompanying music or audio which are only available through “unlocks” after the NFT is purchased. This helps address the problem, but still leaves the NFT open to recreation if the MP3 is ever leaked or if the NFT in its entire multimedia glory is ever fully displayed. And so the “crypto art” community is faced with a bit of a conundrum; How can we continue to provide an easy user experience for NFT buyers, while preventing the wholesale copying and pasting of our Non-Fungible Tokens?

We at Harem Token believe we have solved this issue, and we think the answer to this comes down to one word: Utility.

By way of background, Harem uses a custom trained machine learning algorithm to generate our “girls”, essentially an AI that creates nude women from scratch. We have also developed the technology to allow these girls to be inserted into existing porn videos, using our proprietary deepfake algo. Ultimately each of our girls is not just a still image, but a video-capable porn actress who can be inserted into any existing video.

Our token’s primary utility is its staking reward. When a token holder stakes our tokens and in turn locks or stakes the resulting LP tokens from their Uniswap rewards, they receive NFT girls of increasing rarity and beauty. Essentially by staking our token, they can become the pimp of their own Harem of girls, hence our name. NFT owners can then send their NFT to our staking Rarible wallet to allow for their girl to be included in our Public Harem, and every time another user chooses to use their girl in a video the NFT owner receives a portion of the profits from us charging the user for the video creation, which is paid to the NFT owner in ETH. (For more info on our NFT rewards, check out the DYOR page on our website which you can find Here.)

We believe this completely solves the right click + save problem. You could very easily go to our website and right click + save any of our girls, but what will you do with them? A single still image won’t work with any deepfake technology except ours so putting the girl from your saved image into video is completely off the table, and in order to add a girl to our platform you must be able to prove through the blockchain that she was minted by Harem’s AI and that you legitimately obtained her through staking. Even if you were to re-mint her as an NFT, who would buy her when she cannot be used through our platform, or for anything for that matter? When you right click + save our NFT you may save a single still image, but you get none of the utility or the passive income potential that a legitimately owned Harem NFT comes with. We believe that this provides our NFT owners a guaranteed bulwark against the right click + save problem, as the major reasons for their ownership of the NFT are not replicated.

This model may be difficult to replicate for the average artist, as art inherently does not have much utility beyond its aesthetic value. However, there is an opening in the NFT space for anyone who can find a simple, valuable, and scalable utility that can be put behind legitimately created NFT artworks. Attach even a minor utility to NFTs which can be proven as legitimate through blockchain records, and you largely render right click + saving useless.

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