How to Buy $HAREM in our General Sale

Our general sale is OTC and is the last opportunity to buy $HAREM before the Uniswap listing in January.

Minimum buy in: 0.5 ETH.
Token price: 0.025 ETH per $HAREM.
Buy in addy: 0x464508c12760419d0a6b221981dae4692c7e72db

  1. Send your ETH buy in to the addy above.
  2. Join the telegram
  3. Message one of the admins with your TX
  4. We will confirm receipt of your ETH
  5. We will then lock your $HAREM through, this provides you with a third party, trustless way to know how much and when your $HAREM will be sent to you
  6. You will be able to view your timelocked $HAREM through etherscan or the UI
  7. Your $HAREM will be released to you on the day of the Uniswap listing (Jan 5th)

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