How to provide liquidity with $HAREM or $bHAREM

On Ethereum mainnet with $HAREM:

  1. Click Here
  2. Select how much Harem and ETH you want to stake.
  3. Approve $HAREM or $ETH if need be.
  4. Click Supply.
  5. Approve the transaction on metamask.
  6. There is no 6 that’s it.

On Binance Smart Chain with $bHAREM:

  2. Click trade, then liquidity.
  3. Click add liquidity.
  4. Select coin 1 as $BNB.
  5. Select coin 2 as $bHAREM (0xE62EBb28028F80F7471144F12A6666E1915b1e11).
  6. Click ‘approve bHAREM’ (you may also have to do this with BNB).
  7. Approve the transaction on metamask
  8. Click ‘supply’
  9. Approve the transaction on metamask
  10. There is no 10 that’s it.