How To “Stake Your Face” On Our Platform

Have you ever looked at all those girls making money on Onlyfans and thought; “I would love to have all that money without having to do any of that work”?

Well, now you can. At Harem Token we have built out a proprietary deepfake infrastructure that allows for any still photo, video, or even well drawn portrait of a person to be deepfaked into videos of our users’ choice. In layman’s terms, we can take any face and make it available for users of our platform to put into any porn or other video they’d like to see.

And now we are opening our platform to anyone 18 or older who wants to make porn star money without being a porn star. Mint your face as an NFT, stake it on our platform, and receive 50% of all profits made using your face paid to you directly in ETH.

All you need to do to “stake your face” on our platform is the following;

  1. Get verified at Pornhub.
  2. Take a picture or video of your face according to the standards set out HERE.
  3. Print, read, and sign the release form HERE. Make sure you actually read the release so you know what you are signing.
  4. Mint your photo/video as a single NFT on Rarible, or Unifty. We recommend Unifty as you can mint on ETH or XDAI, whereas Rarible is just ETH.
  5. Send the NFT to our Staking Wallet.
  6. Send us a message to our pornhub account containing the etherscan link to the TX of you sending us the NFT, and a google drive link to the signed form from step 3.
  7. There is no 7, that’s it.

Finally, a way to be a porn star without having to actually do any of the hard work. Now you can just take a quick video of your face, mint it as an NFT, and watch that sweet simp money roll in.

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