Proposed Change to Harem Token’s NFT/Avatar Distribution

Note: This article isn’t proofread at all, just wanted to give everyone an idea of what I’ve been noodling around with and what we’re thinking of changing in terms of updates to the NFT distribution system.


  • Harem Token’s GAN can create nigh infinite “avatars” (AI generated fictional people).
  • The more models available on Harem Token’s interface, the better the user experience.
  • However, Harem’s current NFT distribution only assigns one of these avatars to each NFT.
  • This creates a limit on the number of new avatars which can be uploaded to the site.
  • It also creates a situation where the more avatars are added to the site (thus improving the UX), the more ‘diluted’ previous NFT owners are, as they have no way other than farming new NFTs to capture upside from newly added avatars.

Proposed Solution: [Excel Model Here]

  • Instead of NFTs entitling an owner to the revshare for solely the avatar they depict(I.E. Claressa Biggens’ NFT is a claim to revshare for Claressa Biggens and no one else), NFTs will also automatically entitle their owner to revshares from a portion of all issued avatars in future generations as well. In other words, the majority of all future created avatars will be ‘assigned’ to the NFTs minted in the previous generations.
  • The higher an NFT’s rarity is, the larger a portion of future issued avatars will be associated with it. Specifically the ratio we currently have modelled out, and which we support, is as detailed in the chart below.
  • Of the 10% of new avatars which are used to mint new NFTs, the distribution between rarities will be as is specified in the chart below.
  • There is no immediate change planned in the Unifty points farming costs for NFTs of various rarities, however the team retains the right to change these on an ad hoc basis as warranted by increased/decreased farm usage.
  • The below model showcases the performance of various generations and rarities of NFTs under this new distribution system, measured in “avatars per NFT”, assuming total Gen 1 issuance is 50 avatars total, Gen 2 issuance is 100 avatars total, Gen 3 issuance is 1,000 avatars total, and Gen 4 issuance is 10,000 avatars total. (NOTE: These numbers are likely off for Gen 1, but are what we are roughly planning for subsequent generations.)

Under this new model farming increased rarities is still incentivized, and older generations of NFTs come with objective advantages that shrink over time without ever quite disappearing. So early farmers get advantages, but not to the point where those advantages make it pointless to farm later generations.

We think this is the best of all worlds in allowing Harem Token to provide the widest selection of avatars to its users, while also providing NFT farmers with the necessary incentives to buy, hold, and stake $HAREM.

But what do YOU think anon? Hmm? HMMMM?

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