Randomized Waifu Generator — Coming to Harem Token in Q1

The future of media is one in which the vast majority of celebrities, actors, news anchors, and influencers are not real people, but rather AI generated persons. The majority of movies will star AI generated characters who do not exist, the youtubers your kids watch will be the figments of a GAN’s imagination, and the fashion models in store windows will be generated and animated in real time according to local demographics data.

In our efforts to be a part of this vision Harem Token has already developed the necessary AI technology to create and animate photorealistic persons who do not exist, synthetic dream people from a custom trained Generative Adversarial Network. Previously these GAN girls were created and minted as a result of voting and naming contests within our community, leading to girls like Sergeya “Ari” Nazarov, the Stacklet who can be found below.

Now, we are proud to announce that we will be adding a randomized person generator to enable anyone to purchase a randomized instance of one of these people as an NFT. Users will be able to go to the Harem Token website, pre-select features such as race, hair color, and breast size, and receive a unique AI generated waifu minted an NFT. These NFTs will be fully deepfakable and stakeable just like our other NFTs girls so they can earn their holder passive income paid out as ETH. Our goal is to release the first API for this by end of Q1.

In total 150 girls will be available. The first 50 will be sold at 0.5ETH per. The second 50 will be sold at 1ETH per. The last 50 will be sold at 1.5ETH per. Funds from sale will be used to market purchase $HAREM.

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