Text to Speech and Studio UI is Live at Harem Token!!!

Harem Token is proud to announce the launch of its Studio UI and its first product, text to speech! (This is still in Beta so please bare with us as it inevitably breaks down the moment you start using it.)

Users are be able to buy minutes using ETH (2,000 minutes per 1 ETH), enter any message of up to 1,000 characters (letters), select any of our AI generated girl NFTs, and receive a recorded video message of their selected model delivering their message. Just go to our website and select “Click Here to Get Started” to be taken to our simple point-and-click studio UI. Soon we will add audio to speech, allowing users to upload pre-recorded audio of themselves or someone else speaking, and receive a video recorded message of their chosen AI avatar delivering that message. We will also add additional accent options, better quality videos, and expand our range of offered AI generated models.

On a more general note, I wanted to give an update of where we are at with our Q1 goals. Those of you in our community have seen first hand the progress our deepfakes have made towards photorealism, while we are not quite at our 5% or less non-occlusion errors, our videos starring both real people and our AI generated models are increasingly photorealistic. At this point the tech and consistency behind our deepfakes is more than up to the task of a V1 launch. Similarly, we have managed to scale up our Head ‘n Shoulders product to 300 x 300 resolution and have high confidence we will be able to launch a Head ‘n Shoulders API before Q1 as planned.

The reason these products are not launched yet is that we have been hard at work building the necessary infrastructure (UI/UX, payments system, task queuing, etc.) to enable seamless user interaction with these systems. The majority of this work is now finished, and having laid this foundation we are now building out the APIs for user interaction. In sum, we had to spend a bit of time (the last month and eleven days that our team has come to refer to as the “doldrums”) working on things on the back end that didn’t make for good hype generating announcements. But now that this foundation has been laid, Harem Token holders and users can expect to see more and more products being launched at a faster pace. More importantly, you can rest easy knowing that things are proceeding at the anticipated pace and we are well on track to meet the majority (if not totality) of our Q1 roadmap goals.

Also, we are hiring!

Full Stack Dev (Mainly Backend), Junior to Mid Level. Must be fluent English speaker. Jeets need not apply.

Must have experience with:
- NodeJs
- Python
- Git

Preferred but not necessary:
- DevOps
- Google Cloud
- Firebase

Compensation is mixed at an 80/20 ratio between ETH or Stables and $HAREM, with positions available ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 a month in total compensation depending on level of involvement. If you or a person you know meets these qualifications and is interested, please join our telegram and PM our admins!

  • Kingkeikaku

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